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"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Matthew 6:21

Faith(FULL)ness and Stewardship

Faith(FULL)ness is about St. Paul’s focus on generosity which is one of our core values. Pledging is important too and allows us to pay our bills and our annual pledge to the Diocese of Easton. However, It is the generosity of our congregation that propels our ability to do God’s work. 

Usually, economic hardship translates to congregational hardship. However, at St. Paul’s, people tend to give what they can from their first fruits, not just from their surplus. Even when the economy is weak, our church strives to increase giving. It is this generous spirit that sees us through tough financial times and budgetary challenges.
Stewardship is about being grateful, responsible stewards of the gifts we receive from God. The tradition of giving back to God and to the church comes from the Biblical practice of “tithing,” which means to give back a tenth of our earnings to God (Numbers 18:26). The Episcopal Church and St. Paul’s see stewardship as more than simply contributing money to the church; it’s also about contributing time and talents, and volunteering for ministry and mission. It’s about reaching out to build relationships from a perspective of abundance instead of scarcity.

Where can I do the most good?

Pledging and Annual Giving: Pledging is an important part of church life and helps the Vestry of St. Paul’s create an operating budget for fiscal year. We are pleased that 85% of our congregation makes annual pledges—that is a higher percentage than most of our small parishes in our Diocese.
Underwriting Fund Raisers and Special Events: Fundraisers contribute significantly to our operating budget and enhance our ability to meet needs of the church that fall outside our annual operating budget. Keeping fund raising expenses to a bare minimum is essential. Periodic contributions of outright gifts or gifts in kind to offset fund raising costs are always appreciated.

Planned Giving: Legacy gifts to St. Paul’s Church and/or the Vestry of St. Paul’s White Marsh Parish Investment Account are gratefully accepted. The two most popular ways of doing so are by bequest in your will or trust or by naming St. Paul’s Church as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or insurance policy. These gifts cost you nothing now, in no way obligate you, and permit you to make loved ones and St. Paul’s Church your beneficiaries. There is not minimum gift and every gift makes a difference.

 For information about ways to create your legacy, please contact Charlotte Meyer at 410-476-3048.

Other ways to contribute: We have generous members of our congregation who adopt certain expenses as their own. For example, one member of our altar guild covers all expenses associated with that ministry. Another has taken on payment of a portion of the phone bill. Another volunteers to clean the church once a month for several months of the year. All these efforts to reduce our expenses are greatly appreciated.

For more information about opportunities to give, offset expenses or include St. Paul’s Church in your estate plans please contact Charlotte Meyer at 410-476-3048.

“Each of you must give as you have made up your own mind, 
not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 
II Corinthians 9:7